Saved in America

A Film by Kim Sill

Four puppies in a hammock made from an American Flag

The Road to Shelter Hope

Anyone who loves or has loved a pet should see this film; it exposes the pet industry, the animal welfare system, and will open your eyes about how all of us must come together to make a change.

Katherine and Nancy Heigl

So happy that my song is in Kim’s film. What she does for these animals is amazing and proves that if we put our hearts into saving animals ‘We Can’

Diane Warren

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About the Film

Saved In America is the story of one woman's journey to show America what is happening in the animal welfare world. Kim Sill protested for an entire year to bring awareness about pet shops selling puppy mill dogs. What she found was shocking and led her to ask why half a billion dollars a year is raised in the name of animal welfare and the grassroots rescues in America's communities are not seeing any of this money? This is the story of the underdogs and the everyday heroes who spend their time and money rescuing animals. Kim met many people on her journey including Pink. Cesar Millan, “Dr.” Phil, Kim Kardashian, and Katherine Heigl who all make appearances in the film to help raise awareness about America's homeless pet population. Thousands of animals are saved along Kim Sill’s way as she documents and films her way through the rescue world of hoarders, animal abusers, gangs and puppy mills.

From LA Weekly Insider

“Saved in America chronicles filmmaker/activist Kim Sill and her 5-year journey of saving animals and protesting against puppy mills and the pet stores that do business with them. Heartbreaking but ultimately triumphant, Saved in America shines a light on the everyday heroes whose efforts have created unprecedented change where the largest humane organizations with multi-million dollar budgets could not. The film was greeted with standing ovations at a series of recent LA screenings, each of which benefited a local rescue organization. The red-carpet event was attended by songwriter Diane Warren, whose song "We Can" is featured in the film, and Katherine Heigl, whose rescue organization The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation was among the local groups receiving recognition. Saved in America is now on a journey similar to the one it portrays, as an independent film and labor of love bringing its message of courage and hope to the world.”

America has two nasty little secrets.

  1. All of those cute puppies that are sold in pet stores come from “puppy mills”. Their mothers spend their entire lives in tiny, unsanitary cages, never walked, never petted, never doing anything but making puppies
  2. Most Americans would rather look the other way than to see what is happening in the animal rescue world.

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Following the premiere showing of the film, Saved In America will be available soon. Check back for details as they become available.

Premiere Photos

Saved In America premiered in August 2015 where many of our friends and family came out to show their support for the film and the four legged friends we share this planet with.

Katherine Heigl and Kim Sill
Diane Warren
Alison Eastwood
Nancy Heigl
Laura Sandoval and Olivia Groh brought their group all the way from Mexico
Kim Sill with Eldad Hagar and Hope for Paws
Patrika Darbo and Kim Sill

Supported Charities

All proceeds from the premiere showing of Saved In America was donated to small organizations who are out there working for animal rights every day.

Follow the links to each organization to see how you can help us fight animal sufferage across our country.